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​My book Drama, literatura, filosofía: Itinerarios del realismo y modernismo europeos (Madrid: Fundamentos, 2015) questions historiographical accounts traditionally based on clear-cut distinctions among literary and philosophical discourses in order to better arrive at a description of the multiple points of convergence that existed in narrative, dramatic and philosophical texts in nineteenth and early-twentieth century Spain and Europe.

Each of the three chapters is composed of a theoretical introduction, which establishes the methodological foundations of comparative inquiry, and two case studies. The first chapter, “Diálogo y escena dramática en la novela,” examines a varied group of authors who adopted dramatic patterns (dialogue and descriptions resembling stage directions) as a way to achieve the ideal of an impersonal art in the years of transition from realism to modernism. Benito Pérez Galdós’ novelas dialogadas and James Joyce’s dramatic epiphanies are two examples of a practice also visible in the hybrid works of R. M. Valle-Inclán, among other contemporaries. In the second chapter, “Teatro y filosofía,” I examine a corpus of dramatic works that evidence an uneasy yet fascinating relationship with philosophy very much in a Platonic fashion. The case studies are George Bernard Shaw and Miguel de Unamuno, two authors who saw theater as the perfect vehicle to embody their thought while also reshaping a tradition of philosophical dialogue that goes back to the Bible and Plato. Finally, the third chapter, “El drama virtual,” is concerned with a varied range of closet dramas that emerged as exuberant, dislocated narratives in the wake of Freud’s psychoanalysis. I study Gustave Flaubert’s final version of La tentation de St. Antoine and Joyce’s “Circe,” a 200-page nightmare in Ulysses. .

I am currently working on my second book-length project, tentatively titled Baroque Lorca, in which I examine Federico García Lorca's theater in light of baroque art and philosophy.

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